Why join a local church?

Some question why we go to all this trouble to define church membership and explain what it means to be a member. Does it really matter if I actually join a church? Am I not already a member of “the church”? Isn’t my personal relationship with Jesus what really matters? Such questions are common, and not altogether surprising given our individualistic culture and our natural tendencies toward independence.  However, such questions also reveal a misunderstanding about the church and God’s purposes in and through the church.

  1. Church membership is biblical. This was the practice of the early church, and the assumed condition of the Christians in the book of Acts and the Epistles. (Acts 2:47 | Acts 5:13)
  2. Church membership is vital to spiritual growth. Without being joined together with other believers, we will lack the strength and nourishment that each member – including ourselves – is to supply. (Ephesians 4:15-16)
  3. Church membership identifies us with Christ and his people. Church membership is a visible declaration of our allegiance to Christ. (Mark 8:38 | 1 John 2:19)
  4. Church membership enables us to glorify God. As we use the spiritual gifts God has given to each of us, we join together to build others up and advance the gospel.  

Becoming a member

Church participation. We understand that committing to a local church can be a difficult decision. We want to provide you as many resources possible, to help you make that decision. We think its only right that you have enough time to participate in the life of the church, prior to making your decision.  Attendance at Sunday morning worship gatherings, small group sessions, and participation at church-wide fellowship gatherings, will go a long way in helping you determine whether this is the church for you.

Membership class. If you are thinking about becoming a member of Solid Rock Church, we offer a class that will explore our mission, core values, beliefs, and history. This class will also provide you with information on the requirements for membership. We believe it is important that you know everything up front, prior to making your decision. You will also receive a membership questionnaire, to be filled out and turned into one of the pastors.

Baptism. Baptism is intended for those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ and have repented of their sin. Baptism is one’s declaration to the world of their faith in Jesus Christ. Baptism is also a public display of God’s saving work in the heart of a believer.

If you are saved, but have not been baptized, we ask that you take this step before becoming a member of Solid Rock Church.

Discuss Membership with a pastor. The final step to becoming a member is meeting with one of the pastors. This is a time to explore whether you’ve placed your faith in Jesus Christ. This is also a time to get to know you better, and field any questions you may have about the church.