Welcome to Solid Rock Church, Prince Georges County, Maryland. By clicking on the highlighted words below, you can learn more about us.

Our church started in 1975 with a small group that banded together largely in reaction to deep seated racial prejudice in their church. We became a part of the Sovereign Grace Ministries family of churches in 1987. We define ourselves Back

Sovereign Grace Ministries, a family of local churches, provides care and training to pastors and produces books, audio recordings of biblical teaching, and music for worship. It also hosts conferences and a pastors college.

around the gospel, relationships, the Bible, the Holy Spirit's empowering work and serving one another and the world Back

The Holy Spirit is essential to our faith and for giving us the power to live for Jesus and serve his purposes for us. We have experienced all the gifts that he gave the Christians of the church of the New Testament in our church life today.

around us. Back

If anything describes us, it's the gospel—the good news of God sending his Son to the earth. Jesus taught the character and ways of God, died on a cross, and rose from the dead. The effect? Anyone who believes in him can have Jesus' death count for theirs and escape God's judgment for their failure to obey him. There is no greater expression of the justice, love and mercy of God than the crucifixion of the Savior. This is the love that informs our service and our life together as a church.


Church is more than a place or a meeting. Church is a family of people who agree to walk together under Jesus' grace and rule. Though we come from a wide variety of backgrounds, our fellowship goes beyond our meetings as we seek to live out our new life together.


For us the Bible, though an ancient book, is the very Word of God and rightly understood contains all we need to know God and to understand his will for our lives. We value hearing the Bible taught and the private reading and application Scripture to our everyday lives.

Our church life is built around our Sunday gatherings, small group meetings in homes, Lightswitch (for young singles), training for teens, and periodic seminars. We also provide members a home school support program. Back

Here's what you can expect on a Sunday.

  • 40 minutes of worshiping God, primarily through song.
  • A brief interlude to collect an offering, hear announcements, and dismiss children to their classes.
  • A 45 minute sermon.

We take the care of children very seriously—both for their safety and to provide the with age-appropriate training. We offer care for infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children during our entire Sunday morning service and specialized instruction in the Bible for children kindergarten through sixth grade during the sermon portion of our meeting.


Fellowship Groups are small gatherings of our adult members. We meet in homes and seek to develop relationships that involve knowing God and applying His word to our lives.


Lightswitch is our ministry to young adults—those who are in college or beginning a career—both younger singles and couples new to marriage or parenting. We meet together twice per month as well as in smaller groups for regular fellowship.


Our teen ministry takes its theme from 1 Timothy 4:12. We believe the teen years can be a vibrant time of growth and purposeful living for the glory of God. One of the distinctives of our youth ministry is the high degree of parental involvement.

The best way to get to know us is to visit us on Sunday at 10:00 AM. Our pastors and members would enjoy meeting you and introducing you to our church. Here are meeting times and directions. Back

Sundays, 10:00 AM.

Location: 5401 Good Luck Rd., Riverdale, MD.
Directions: From I-495, the Capital Beltway, take exit 23 Kenilworth Ave. / Rte. 201 south. After two miles turn left on Good Luck Rd. (note: to your right is Paint Branch Pkwy at the same intersection). After the turn our building is immediately on the right.

We make sermons available online. Back

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You can get more information by sending us an email or calling 301-474-7800.