OneU Maryland seeks to make disciples of Jesus at the University of Maryland through discipleship in the context of community. We believe the best way for us to introduce people to Jesus is through everyday life. We seek to live life together, students and staff, and build our weekly gatherings around the rhythms of the students on campus.

God is doing great things at UMD and we think that He wants to do even more. We believe the most important way to be led by Him and to engage the campus is to pray. So, in a desire to see God move, we start each week by gathering to pray for the campus.

OneU Study

OneU is not led solely by OneU staff. God has raised up laborers from within the student body on campus. We meet weekly to help students grow deeper in their faith. OneU Studies not only helps students to grow in God but also equips them to tell others about Him.

Family Dinner

Community is a vital part of the identity of OneU. We are not just a community for followers of Jesus but one that welcomes and reaches out to those who do not. We host a weekly dinner at the home of one of our students. We invite those who do not follow Jesus to come, eat with us, hang and take part of a discussion about who God is and what is He expects of us as His children.

Day to Day

OneU is not defined by a particular night of the week. We are best seen throughout the week, on the campus, engaging unbelievers with the Gospel and discipling believers by the scriptures.