How To Access Solid Rock’s Church Center App

Church Center by Planning Center is a new church management software that Solid Rock uses to manage the different aspects of the church. In the spirit of our 2019 theme, Kingdom, Church Center will make finding information about Solid Rock more easily accessible. The Church Center app and website will be available to anyone. Only members will see the private groups that require membership. Please find below important information about Church Center. 

Church Center

Think of Church Center as the hub for Solid Rock Church. This will be the central location for giving, groups, volunteers and event registrations. You can access Church Center online or via the Church Center app for Android or iPhone. To access the website, click link on the left.

  • Giving

    Giving is where you will send in your donations for Solid Rock to continue its service for SRC members and the surrounding community. Giving will replace Paypal. If you have automated payments set up to the SRC Paypal account, please stop them and start using the Giving feature within the Church Center website or app. To access the website, click link on the left.

  • Groups

    Groups is where you can find information about the different groups, classes and service opportunities at Solid Rock church. To access the website, click link on the left.

  • RegistratioNS

    In the Registrations section, you can sign up to volunteer for various SRC events at SRC. To access the website, click link on the left.

If you have any questions about Church Center, please email Brady Phipps at