Why Should You Come


There really is no compelling reason why you should come to Solid Rock Church instead of some other church. There are many good churches that have great communities, great programs, and great teaching. And you would do well if you found one and became a member of it. At Solid Rock we believe that loving one another is an essential component of our faith and the most compelling witness of Christ having genuinely saved us.

We believe that in order to have real community, friendships must develop outside of Sunday mornings. Don’t get me wrong, we love Sunday mornings, but they are limited in fostering new relationships. Simply, because it can be awkward to try to walk up to people you don't know that well. Especially on a Sunday morning. Or, quite frankly, you just don’t feel comfortable approaching people that way. Our “One Another” contexts try to help with that sort of thing.

Comprised of three different weeknight meetings each month, One Another provides us with opportunities for biblical fellowship and fosters our growing sense of community. These meetings happen 3x’s a month (1st, 2nd, & 4th weeks), twice on a Wednesday, and once on a Thursday. The two Wednesdays meetings (1st & 4th Weeks) happen at the church. While one meeting a month (small groups) meet at various locations. 

Sharing Our Stories

Solid Rock is blessed to have a very diverse membership. Although our experiences vary considerably, each of us knows the same God. These evenings gives us a chance to hear a few of our stories and discover how God has worked in and through one other.


During Conversation nights, we come together and consider a topic of interest to our membership. These are valuable times for pondering serious questions through the lens of scripture and sharing our experiences. Topics may be further discussed in small groups. Previous topics have included: Depression, Homosexuality, Racial Issues, and evaluating if our church is a safe place to share struggles with one another.

Small Groups

This is an evening designed to allow us to get to know and relate with other members of Solid Rock in a more personal way. Each of our small groups spends this particular evening interacting with one another, taking the opportunity to get to know and fellowship with one another.

Curt Allen is the Lead Pastor of Solid Rock Church. He has been in ministry for 12 years. Married for 11 to Betsy and has three boys. He has written two books "Education or Imitation" and "Does God Listen To Rap?" and he currently writes for blog site "The Blazing Center".